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Monteith is Without Limits

Monteith is dedicated to building relationships in and outside of the world of contracting. Community involvement is a huge part of who we are and we love digging our hands into the beautiful cities where we have roots. Our very own Maddi Godwin shares her experiences training with Without Limits, a local coaching group devoted to helping every single member reach their own personal training goals. Take it away, Maddi!

In August 2016, I received an email with information to join a running club called Without Limits. I jumped on the bandwagon and signed up, having no idea what I was in for but hey, everyone else was doing it. Soon after, we were emailed directions about drinking electrolytes and water for days. I admit, this made me feel like I had already gotten in over my head. First practice proved to be challenging yet rewarding, so I stuck with it.

Every Wednesday evening, we met at the UNCW track to have Coach Aaron drag us around the track in the sweltering heat of summer, through the dead of winter, and finally, through the start of a new year. By this time, I had been talked into signing up for the Quintiles Half Marathon.

When we first started, we all decided to train to run a relay. Then we found out about a 5K (much more our speed) at a site Monteith recently constructed, RiverLights. We were excited to support them and rallied a team together to run. I was excited and nervous with this being my first race in years, but we ran through the night in a race called, “Dashing Thru the Glow.” Our next few races took place at Wrightsville Beach; the Jingle Bell 5K in December had us out in 25 degree weather and the Valentine 10K was the longest I had run up to that point. Knowing the half marathon would come at the end of March, I pushed through with the training.

The week leading up to the half was filled with nervous excitement as I just keep thinking, “This is what we trained for. This is what we put all those hours and miles, sweat and determination toward. This. Is. It.”

The morning of the big race, David and I met with our pacers, lined up, the gun went off and all 3,300 runners took off. We ran through Wrightsville Beach, up to Landfall (just keep running, running), down Military Cutoff, through Mayfaire, to the Cross-City Trail (just keep running, running), to Rose Avenue, to the UNCW campus and finally, through the FINISH!

It was an amazing accomplishment and exhilarating, to say the least (even though I couldn’t move the next day). I never thought I would actually be able to run a half marathon. In fact, if you had told me just a year ago that I would be running 5Ks I wouldn’t have believed it. While it is sometimes hard to get motivated every Wednesday to head out to the track, it is also very rewarding. My fellow runner co-workers have challenged me and encouraged me each week and throughout the entire process. The comradery of the group is amazing and I was truly on a runner’s high all weekend after completing the half marathon. A huge shout out to our coach for believing in us all, to John for the opportunity and to each Monteith employee who gave me a boost of confidence and reminded me that together, we are Without Limits.