Monteith Construction - We. Build. Relationships.

Thanks for a Great 2017!

During a recent year-end meeting I found myself reflecting on the path our firm has traveled from our start over 19 years ago. Monteith was founded upon the belief that if we strive to build not just exceptional buildings but also exceptional relationships then we will be successful. That belief has carried us through good times and bad, and has brought us closer to our projects and the community they service. And today, we have much to be thankful for.

We would like to recognize those folks we’ve been lucky to serve and serve alongside on our past projects. We are honored and thrilled to have employees, clients, architects, subcontractors and a multitude of other professionals that contribute to our collective success. This amazing group of people makes everything possible, and I simply cannot credit them enough with the growth and prosperity of our business.

This collective effort has delivered long lasting environments of learning, healing, servicing and enjoying.

A special thank you to all of the Architects we have worked with over the past 19 years. Your vision inspires us and we feel a true partnership on our shared projects.

We intend to highlight many of you in this blog going forward. We want to start and continue conversations on quality, character, responsibility, knowledge, innovation, excellence, and, of course in keeping with our brand, fun.

One highlight of my life has been Camp Schreiber, which was founded to help those overcoming significant obstacles on their way to higher education. Camp Schreiber has had a fantastic year and with the help from many of you will continue to shine a light on this important group of young people. Look for upcoming posts on our Campers and their amazing stories.

In closing, we wish all of you a wonderful Holiday season and look forward to serving you in the years ahead.

John Monteith